Winterize Home

A proper winterize for your home is key for anyone in Minnesota. The winters are hard on our homes but with a proper inspection, you can come into the following spring feeling confident you won’t have any damages. For all professional inspections, AHI is there for you.


Here’s a list of things you can do to get ready now and prepare for the months ahead:

1) Clean out gutters and window wells free of leaves and debris.

2) Check the roof for missing damaged shingles damaged flashings help prevent leaks.

3) Turn off and drain exterior faucets, disconnect hoses and drain, Irrigation system must be blown out
and drained.

4) Replace screens with storm windows if applicable.

5) Check caulking around doors and windows also check condition wood frames for dry rot and replace.
Any gaps or holes at exterior walls.

6) Check weather stripping around doors and windows.

7) Check for cracked or broken windows.

8) Check deck for loose boards and stain where needed, also check handrails at all exterior steps.

9) Check exterior lights especially around icy walk ways.

10) Clean exterior dryer vent and combustion air vent, make sure there are no openings at facia and

11) Make sure sump drain line and downspouts are draining away from the structure.

12) Check for proper slope away from exterior walls for drainage.

13) Recommend checking for branches near powerlines that could wind swept or covered with ice to
cause a power outage. Recommend calling a professional tree service near power lines.

14) Trim foliage away from exterior walls prevent damage to exterior siding from winter winds.

Winterize Lawn and Exterior Tools

1) Recommend winterize lawn mower. Change oil and new spark plug.

2) Apply a light coating of oil on metal shovels and racks.

3) Have the snow blower to the front of garage and test run before first snow for easy access.
Recommend change oils and new spark plug. Depending may want ad stable to gas for storage.

4) Have snow shovels near front of garage. May also want sand or ice melt on hand.

Winterize Heating and air-conditioning

With typical cold winters in Minnesota, heating is very important in your home winterize process.

1) Recommend service the furnace or boiler every heating season by a certified heating contractor. Hot
water systems are more complicated and radiators may need bleeding.

2) Humidifiers need cleaning and replace evaporator pad.

3) Replace your air filter monthly or manufacture recommendations during heating season. Cheaper
filter is less restrictive but should be change more often. Recommend clean air ducts every 5 years.

4) Recommend cover top of air conditioner only during winter months.

5) Check smoke detectors and C/O detectors. Replace batteries every year. Recommend replacing
detectors every 7 years.

6) Check fireplaces for proper drafts. Make sure damper is working properly. Recommend a chimney
inspection yearly if fireplace is used on a regular basis. Soot, creosote and large cracks at the center of
chimney may not be visible.

7) Reverse ceiling fans clockwise to blow heat back down to floor. This will enhance comfort and efficiency.

8) Recommend flush sediment from water heater and check for proper TPR valve function.